There’s a great buzz going on..

downloadThere has been lots going on on this site over the last week or so. Ever since I was shortlisted in the Irish Blog Awards, I have an urge to write which I didn’t have before. And yesterday saw the highest amount of visitors at this blog. Let’s hope this is the start of a new chapter. I’m also not too far away from the Camino Talk in Herbertstown, Limerick. The funny thing is I could talk about the Camino for days, but put me in front of a group and I break into pieces. I have a decent presentation made up and some notes written also…just in case I freeze and look for inspiration. I have spread the word about the vote throughout Facebook and in work, so let’s hope the numbers are high. As an aside. I noticed that Camino Ways were shortlisted in the Travel (Corporate) category so please vote for them. I wouldn’t be their best supporter but anyone who promotes the Camino gets the thumbs up in my book.

(ps you can vote for David Smith – Lost for for Words here).

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