The Kerry Way..something to mull over for 2016.

Ok, so I was reading up on trails in Ireland and I may have jumped into something for next year. I haven’t actually completed a full trail in Ireland yet, just a day here and there, but this is a perfect excuse to take 10 or so days off and stay in my own country. The Kerry Way is over 200km long and is Ireland’s longest signposted walking trail. It starts in Killarney in the south, and loops around the Ring of Kerry. It is one of the most popular trails and this part of Ireland brings in tourists from near and far. So I may be the only Irish person there ha! With the Kerry Way, you get everything; climbs, descents, walks along coastline. For those familiar with Spain, it is Galicia on steroids! Ok..that might be a bit crude, but you get my gist. What’s not to like about that.


There are one or two things that will be different to the Camino however. Number one, spontaneity goes out the window. I need to book my accommodation a good while in advance. And number two, the idea of walking 5 kilometres first before having breakfast is out. Towns are so few and far between that you will need to have a good breakfast before leaving and carry a good lunch to keep be going for the day.

But I am eager to walk it. I know of people who have walked it in stages but not the full trail. I have bought the most popular guide book about the trail Kerry Way by Sandra Bardwell and once I receive that I will do more research. More information can be found here.

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  1. Yay! Planning is go! I do like the idea of Galicia on steroids – not sure about the lack of readily available refreshments en route though, but walking in your own country is a good thing. We have just received the Cornwall Coast Path guide book …


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