First Walking…Now..Running!

Kili-Run-124So you all know I have a passion for walking. I have for many years and I can’t see that leaving in the near future. However, I wouldn’t consider myself “fit”. I walk on average three to four times a month, not including my time in Spain. So I would consider myself overweight. With Christmas fast approaching (ugh..I dislike that word!), I thought I would give running a shot. I have tried before and failed after I got pains in my legs. Some may say that once you can walk, running will come naturally, but I feel that running is a different ball game as it puts more pressure on the legs (and is less enjoyable!!).

Anyway, a group from work are getting together from tomorrow and starting up a Desk to 5K plan. The hope is that by the 21st of December, I should be able to run 5K uninterrupted. That’s the hope anyway. If I fail, I know that I should stick to walking.

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  1. Good luck! I’m not a runner myself, but I did that program once and made it. Now I can’t run again, so I may start it up again…if you can do it, maybe I can do. A por ello, as the Spanish would say! (Go for it would be the closest translation).

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    1. You both can do it! I’m not a runner either, but I just did my first 5k race, and- while compared to Camino distances it’s nothing- I was really proud of myself. I think that after all the Camino walking this summer I wanted to continue to challenge myself physically, so I decided to run. I had to keep at it but it was so satisfying to see progress, that’s what’s so great about couch to 5k programs. I might never do more than a 5k but that’s fine with me! (because when it comes down to it, in my heart and soul, I’m a walker) 🙂


      1. Hi Nadine, I totally missed your comment, sorry! I’m a walker also, that will never change 🙂 but I would love to be more active and that’s where running comes in. The couch to 5k program is perfect. I have finished day 3 of week 1 and while the first day was a little tough, I am gradually easing into it now. The hope is to run a 5k before Christmas. Oh and by the way, Congrats on running your first 5k 🙂


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