Storytelling and the Camino..

So last night I was at a storytelling event at the great Abbey Theatre in Dublin. I was there to listen to 10 storytellers who had reached the The Moth Dublin final, but most importantly, I was there to support a man I met on the Camino in 2013. Storytelling had taken hold of his life since then, but this is a very good thing. We had met a number of times since our times on the Camino, most recently at the Camino Information night that I spoke at. He also told a magnificent story of the many varied people he met while he on his way to Santiago.

The Abbey was full, and shortly after 8pm the first performer took to the stage. Each story must be mo more than 6 minutes in length, must be true and points are awarded for delivery also. To some people, this kind of thing might come naturally, but to others, there are a lot of factors to consider. My Camino buddy appeared 2nd to last with a powerful story. When he had finished, nothing could be heard but silence.


A tiny flame started to burn in my head after leaving the Theatre. Could I do something like this? I have always liked creativity whether it be blogging to writing music, but performing to a crowd is a major crutch, no matter how small. I’ve never been a confident person…and you need tons of confidence to speak or perform in front of a crowd. That said, speaking to 50-60 people at the Camino Information night was a start and if I can do that, I am going in the right direction.


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