Fitbit fanatic – guilty as charged.


One of the many many “activity tracking wristbands” that measure your lifestyle from how many steps you walk in a given day; how many calories you lose to how many hours you sleep. Nike, Garmin, Jawbone and Microsoft all have products, and prices range from €50 right up to €250 depending on what features you are looking for.

simple.b-cssdisabled-png.h825b270eef65f5acc229a4cf487d8cc7I have been a Fitbit fanatic since the middle of 2014 when I bought a Fitbit Flex and I haven’t looked back. Yes, there may be other features on other brands that differ but the Flex (for me, anyway) was great for starting out. I am such a stat geek that this pulled me hook, line and sinker. I liked the thought of having a record of each of my walks stored and the tracker had a number of smartphone apps to choose from also. You can also set goals for yourself. I try to walk 50km per week. I try to use any excuse to get away from my desk in the office and watch my steps increase. However, the Flex has it’s downsides. It can come off your wrist with any amount of force and I have previously bought two replacement bands.

So, I used my upcoming birthday as an excuse to buyfitbit-charge-hr-heart-rate-and-activity-wristband-blk-large-fb405bkl-iset the Fitbit Charge, the Flex’s sturdier, more steadfast but more expensive brother. But I love it! I own it over a week now and it has given me even more motivation to get out and beat my goals. On it’s main screen, you are provided with the time, your steps total for the day, kms walked for the day, calories lost and the amount of floors climbed. While this shouldn’t be used as a replacement for a watch, I don’t need to wear one.

So, do you wear an activity band? How do you find it? Also, if you own a Fitbit, you can find me here!

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  1. Congratulations on your Charge, I am glad it is working for you!
    I too love(d) my Fitbit! I have a cautionary tale about the Flex and Charge models though, with the metal fastener – take care when putting your backpack on and taking it off or the shoulder straps can loosen the Fitbit strap! I lost my Flex once in Liverpool and retraced my steps right through town (I can also recommend the very colourful straps as they are easier to find) and finally found it in the hotel where I had lost it when I put my pack on to leave. Yes I use my backpack rather than an elegant wheelie case or some such nonsense …
    I thought I had learned my lesson, but sadly not. While walking in Galicia in December I was waiting for my trusty pink Flex to give me the silent vibrating alarm to say I had walked 10 kms and deserved second breakfast and a Clara, but nothing happened. I was content to walk deep in thought and it was only when I noticed I must have done more than 12 kms that I went to look at it – and it was gone! It must have come off when I took my pack off to remove layers as the sun rose. I was very upset but tried to see the zen side of it and decided that I didn’t need to measure my accomplishment. But I still missed it and bought a Charge, with a sturdier clasp, when I came home. The moral of the tale I suppose is change the strap before it gets too loose, always check it’s there after putting your backpack on or get one of those little strap retainers. The Fitbit and Pacerpoles are like my little gym, they motivate and spur me on to walk more. Just imagine how many stairs climbed you will get in Galicia!

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    1. Thanks for the warning. It’s good to get feedback from folks who own them. I may get a strap retainer after Christmas actually, just in case it does come loose. I’d love to meet more people who use it as my leaderboard has become a little bare. Maybe it’s the weather that has discouraged the majority of people to walk.


      1. Er, yes. Also deadlines and life in general have conspired to keep me sedentary. However I intend to get the Pacers out and do some refreshing walks soon – the weather is perfect for it a test run of those GTX Salomons!

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