Albergues on the Camino Francés

Some pilgrims like to have the information on accommodation at the touch of a button. Some argue that the information in Brierley’s book is sufficient. In this day and age when information is everywhere and apps are plentiful, I thought it would be handy to draw up a google map of the albergues on the Camino Francés. Information is as of October 2021. Let me know if I am missing any.

Albergues on the Camino Francés - Carrion de los Condes
Carrion de los Condes

All details have been taken from which is an amazing website and I encourage you to visit that site when you are planning your Camino.

I didn’t include hotels, hostales, or pensions in these maps so I would advise you to check out or the spreadsheet of all accomodation on the Camino forum.

I will include this in my Camino preparation guide, which you can access at the top of the blog. I hope the list of albergues on the Camino Francés prove useful to you as they have for me.

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