So that’s it…I’m walking to the Sea!

Following my previous post, where I mentioned my plans for 2017, all I had left to do was decide what I wanted to do this year. Were my footsteps going to see the Camino? And if so, when? I have been internally debating since last May what to do next and since I got the great news that my house move is happening shortly, I had come to the conclusion that a return this year might not happen.

I had toyed with the idea of walking from Ponferrada to Finistere and on to Muxia, but to do that I would need to take a number of weeks of leave from work. On any other year that would be fine, but with the move I want to put aside as much leave as possible to the house.

So what now? The Camino is calling out big time and a house-move is demanding attention!!

Decision made. I’m going to walk the Camino Finistere (or end of the world) from Santiago and then on to Muxia. Problem solved I reckon. I have a date set also – September 2nd. I needed to make that decision sooner rather than later with the costs of flights being the way they are. I will book them shortly and gather my gear closer to the date. I would like to be moved to the new house by the time I travel also.

Finistere is at Point C, Muxia is at Point A

For those who don’t know, the Camino Finistere is roughly 115km in length and is an extension to the tradition Camino Frances after Santiago. Many choose to walk it to witness the sun fall into the horizon. You are also given a compostella in both Finistere and Muxia. I am looking forward to it. I can’t tell you much about it other than from what I have heard from other peregrinos. But I’m sure what I see will be special.

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  1. Hi David,
    Wishing you a BUEN CAMINO on your journey to Finisterre y Muxia 👍
    I walked from Astorga to Santiago and on to Finisterre y Muxia in 2011 and I can honestly say the walk from Finisterre to Muxia was my favourites part of the journey.I walked that final 31 kms section in 2 days,Finisterre to Lires and then from Lires to Muxia.Very peaceful and quiet and always,within earshot of the sea. At the Xunta Albergue in Muxia there is a upper floor outdoor deck from where you can watch the sun set and ‘drop’ into the sea.Just magical ! As far as I can remember you MUST get your credential stamped in Lires in order to get a bed in the Xunta Albergue.Sitting on the rocks at the seashore in Muxia watching the waves crash upon the shore is perhaps my moist cherished Camino memory to date. Hopefully I have many more to come !!

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    1. Ah Peadar, I think you have given me the answer to a question I have. So there is somewhere to stay between Finistere and Muxia? I reckon I could walk it in 1 day, but Lires is there just in case. I have given myself 5 days walking..4 days to Finistere and 1 to Muxia.I’m really looking forward to walking along the coast as I’ve never had that experience before, being inland. I may have the opportunity to walk to the coast next year when I walk the Ingles. We will see.


  2. If its of any help I stayed in a b&b called As Eiras in Lires.the rooms are attached to a bar/restaurant so dinner is available.Its been over 5 years since I stayed there but would have no hesitation recommending it,on-suite rooms (I know…a sin for Peregrinos !!!!) and spotlessly clean.Its bookable on but as there is no Albergue in Lires you have to book early.


      1. Hi Peadar
        About my walk to Finistere, I had thought about walking to Finistere and on to Muxia but I discovered that there were only 2 buses a day returning to Santiago. So, I switched it around and now I am considering walking to Muxia first. The only downside I can see is that, while Finistere is the traditional “end of the world”, it is quite commercialised. A bit like Santiago I guess. The hope is to walk to Muxia in three days and then to Finistere, breaking up the final stage in Lires.
        What do you think? David.


      2. Hi Dave,
        Would you believe I never actually considered doing the walk that way but you are definitely giving me some food for thought !
        So looking at the EROSKI site that would give three stages from Santiago to Muxia , 21km,33km and finishing with a 34kms from Olveiroa to Muxia.
        Day 4 would be a 16km from Muxia to Lires and day 5 would be 15km from Lires to Fisterra. It sounds fantastic and a great alternative to the traditional way. My knees might not thank me for two consecutive days of 33km and 34km though !!!!!
        I’d love to know how you get on as I am planning a September 2017 Camino. I hope to do the Camino Ingles from Ferrol to Santiago and then walk from Santiago to Muxia . I was going to go to Fisterra first and then onto Muxia like I have done before but your plan has really got me rethinking my plan !



      3. Thanks for replying Peader. I had planned without question on taking the “Finistere-first” option and I may yet do that, but it feels better for me to end in Finistere. I was thinking of Santiago – Vilaserio – Dumbria – Muxia – Lires – Finistere. By ending in Finistere, you will get to see “the perfect sunset” and there are more buses back to Santiago. Walking from Santiago to Vilaserio and from Vilaserio to Dumbria are slightly over 30km but I’m used to it 🙂 If I choose to walk to Muxia first, I will miss the long ocean walk from Cee into Finistere.
        It’s great that you are planning to walk the Ingles! I know a group walking it in October and I am tentatively planning on walking it next Summer.


  3. Sounds like a great plan! I will leave the Finisterra and Muxia walk until I have done the rest of the Francés with the Scouse Spouse, then we will walk to the sea together and it will be the first time for both of us. Look forward to your posts about it, I will be taking notes for future reference. And Peadar: That deck in Muxia sounds great, I have already made a note in my guidebook!


  4. I loved the walk to Finisterre! On the first day out of Santiago, just after a rather steep climb, we came to a bridge over a wide river, and stopped for a swim. (It was sunny and hot.) That became one of the best memories of my whole Camino.


  5. Hello! I’m sure you will really love your walk to Finisterre and Muxia. I chose to add that journey on to my Camino Frances walk last year and I’m so thankful that I did. In the coming days I will post up my experiences of those sections of my walk up on my blog, so stay tuned for tip offs 😉 Enjoy your planning and
    “Buen Camino!”

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    1. I’m getting alot of great feedback from people who have walked the Camino de Finistere. It won’t be too long before I have the backpack on searching for those arrows 🙂 Buen Camino Sarah!


  6. What a wonderful way to get some Camino bliss without having to commit to more time. I added Fistera on to my camino frances in 2013 and am so glad I did. The vibe is so different from the last 100km into Santiago. Quiet, peaceful, not too busy. I didn’t walk to Muxia, but a friend did it in one day. Although it was a long stretch, it’s gorgeous–deep woods and beaches. I’ll be back there myself in five weeks! I’m walking from Finisterre east to Saint Jean Pied de Port where I began three years ago. Buen camino to you!


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