Por Que Peregrino? – Camino Stories

There’s nothing more I enjoy than reading stories from peregrinos on arriving home. Some have found it life-changing while others not so. I have introduced some of that into this site with “Camino Through My Eyes”. However, three guys have put together a great website with many different and varying stories. Nilanj Desai, David Franz and Greg Scheaffer created www.porqueperegrino.com following their Camino in 2014.

Below they give their reasons for creating the website:

We started this website because we noticed that nearly all of our fellow walkers had very interesting reasons for hiking the Camino. We all had remarkable, even profound experiences, yet we didn’t see anything that really captured these amazing, vivid stories. Most online message boards or Facebook groups are great about telling you how heavy your backpack should be, what to use to protect against bedbugs, or how to prevent blisters. But I found nothing truly inspiring, that might really excite a prospective pilgrim about the journey, or that might cause someone to go who might never otherwise have considered it. Nothing to capture how much of a life-affirming adventure this has been for hundreds of thousands of peregrinos.

I will place this in my Camino Links page, however, I’d encourage you to check out the site.

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  1. So true, I find it a bit disappointing when i read about people’s focus being on their gear and their pace and their fitness likes the whole thing is just a physical challenge to tick off. I most love it when i have found something that alludes to the spiritual journey, and the challenges in returning to life after, when you may be a different person. Some people can not just carry on and go on to transform their whole lives. Thats camino.


    1. While I agree that people shouldn’t lose focus of the reason they walk the Camino, it’s important to bring the right gear. I certainly wouldn’t like to be half way through my first Camino in cotton socks and non breathable shoes 🙂 but yes, I agree with you. The Camino is part of me since I walked my first one and the stories on porqueperegrino certainly come from people who live with the Camino in mind.


    2. Hey guys, stumbled upon the site here. It looks like you’ve put together a great resource here! We will definitely point people this way for pre-Camino info.

      I’m glad you guys enjoyed our site! We’d love to hear your story and have you guys contribute as well. Got to http://porqueperegrino.com/yourstory/ for more information about how to contact us.


  2. David, thanks so much for the link and the kind words! By any chance have we met, or did you just stumble across the site? Also, by any chance would you be interested in contributing a story? Feel free to contact us at admin@porqueperegrino.com! And thanks again!


    1. Hi Nilanj, thanks for your comment and it’s great that you stumbled across my blog. Like yourself, the Camino has left it’s mark on me. I can’t remember how I found your site but it was probably through a post on the Camino Forum. I will send you a few lines in the next few days.


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