Four months to go…

It seems like a long way away before I throw on my backpack and head back to Spain for another Camino, but I’m looking for ways to keep that Camino feeling. A fellow blogger has started her own walk from Sarria to Santiago and I’ve asked to be kept updated on her trip. No doubt I will be checking her Instagram account on a regular basis. I hope to meet them for a few hours in Dublin for some tapas so I will get my Camino fix!

The following day, I leave Dublin early for Tipperary to walk two days on the Lough Derg Way. I am especially eager to meet my Irish Camino buddies as I haven’t seen them in a few months and this will also mark my first long walk since St. Patrick’s Day. It will also mean that I have officially four months left before my flight to Santiago on September 1st. They leave to walk the Camino Ingles in October.


Last weekend I gathered all my gear and did a test-pack into my 35 litre Lowe Alpine backpack. I am pretty happy with everything and I reckon I have everything apart from a few minor items. I have decided to bring along a telescopic pole also. I haven’t used it yet, but I will bring it on the Lough Derg Way for a test run. I’m sure it will feel foreign at first but I will get used to it. I have walked 5 Caminos without one so we will see.


The Camino Finistere is all new to me. I have done very little research into it and I suppose that is a good thing. I know what the Brierley end stages are and the distances of each but I don’t want them to define each day I walk. I think I will aim for Finistere first, head for Muxia and bus back to Santiago, but if I have time I will walk from Muxia back to Dumbria. Who knows? Maybe I will let the weather gods decide! I have also heard loads about the San Martin Pinario (apologies if I have got the name wrong?) in Santiago. The plan is to book a pilgrim’s bed (which are €20) for the night I arrive and also for the night after I arrive back in Santiago.

Oh and just before I go, Maggie over on is currently walking the Camino del Norte and the Camino Ingles. You can read how she is getting on here.

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