The Camino Podcast – Re-walking the Camino

Hi folks. If you are planning your Camino, the information you receive from people who have walked the Camino previously can be more valuable than the information you find in guide books. So the following may prove valuable to you. I came across a podcast owned by Dave Whitson from Portland, Oregon, called “The Camino Podcast”. There are over 20 episodes uploaded on iTunes, Soundcloud and on his website Dave is also the author of “The Northern Caminos” guidebook which dissects the Caminos north of the French Way.

A number of episodes on his podcast form a series where Dave “re-walks” the Camino with previous pilgrims. So far, there are 3 episodes with each person discussing 3 stages according to Brierley’s guidebook. I was delighted to be asked to discuss the stretch from Santo Domingo de la Calzada and Burgos (You can hear me at the 29 minute mark in part 2). Below are all three episodes and you can find further uploads from Dave by clicking here.


  1. Downloaded the podcast this morning and listened as I walked into work . Well done Dave,you brought me right back to the walk up through the Montes de Oca and down into Agés . Great memories 👍
    By the way that Camino Podcast is terrific. There is some great stuff on there.


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