Weekend Watch #30 – Beyond the Way Season 2.

This morning, Andrew Suzuki uploaded a new video to his “Beyond the Way” series (entited The Professor & his Puppies). In it, he talks to Mark, a veteran firefighter from Manchester who started his Camino in torrential weather and was close to giving up and heading home due to bad blisters. However, he met some great people and they are one of the reasons he has stayed and continued. You will never beat a Camino family! They give encouragement when down and meeting new people are what draw me back year on year. The end of the video is just perfect though, when Andrew travels forward to meet his first Camino family as they walk into Santiago!

The Future for Beyond The Way:

More of Andrew’s videos can be found on his website Beyondtheway.net. He has been creating inspiring videos both about planning for the Camino de Santiago (Don’t Stop Walking) or about his time walking the Camino (Beyond The Way) since the end of 2014 and the above is part 8 of 10. Once the last episode is over, he wants to continue. Season 2 is being planned with more goodness for us Caminoholics! However, Andrew is relying on those who have watched his videos to support him while he produces Season 2 and beyond. An Indiegogo site has been created so you can contribute. By passing on what you can, he will send you perks including social media shout-outs, behind the scenes footage, baseball caps, photos and a badge to sew to your backpack. But most of all, you are helping by passing on real stories, tears and humour from the Way. This is the real thing, blisters and all.

Beyond The Way Indiegogo
YouTube channel
Beyond The Way on Facebook
I’m a BTW supporter, are you?

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