So..the Voting has begun!!

Ok folks, remember when I said I would need your help? that time has come! 🙂

I woke up yesterday morning to an email saying I was shortlisted in the Travel category in the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards. Those fabulous judges have been good to me this year. I am included with 34 other blogs in the Travel category and that just tells you that blogging and writing in general is nowhere near dead. It’s alive and well and so it should be. The Ireland Blog Awards, sponsored by Littlewoods, have been very good to me. This time last year I was selected as a finalist and getting that far for a Camino-related blog is a great achievement. I can’t take anything away from the other blogs but unfortunately, I don’t have the time or the finance to travel as much as they do. So I will continue to write about what I love and if I receive recognition for that..I’ll be delighted!

So..this is where I ask you for your vote. As I have mentioned, voting has started and I have unnamedpassed on the news to my Facebook followers. It ends on midnight on the the 23rd of August and it would be great news to know I am going to the grand final again before leaving for Spain on the the 1st of September. Just to let you know, the public vote will account for 20% of the total mark, while peer judging accounts for 80%.

To vote, click here and search for Clearskies Camino.



All the blogs below have been shortlisted in the travel section and I would ask you to visit them if you have some time.


  • Ali Bourke
  • Back Home in Ireland
  • Barrow Valley Guide
  • Before My Mam Dies
  • Bottlecap Travels
  • Clearskies Camino ­ – my times on the Camino de Santiago

  • Cosa gan Chompás
  • Dear Passerby
  • Diary of a style Hunter
  • Five Suitcases
  • Galavanting Ireland
  • HatsoffIreland
  • Irish Nomad
  • Jardin
  • Journalist On The Run
  • My Little Babog
  • Next Stop Who Knows
  • Our Crossings
  • Outdoorfitnesssligo
  • Pikalily
  • Spotted by Locals Dublin
  • Squidgy Moments Travel Blog
  • The Art of Exploring
  • The Geocaching Junkie
  • The Path To 100
  • The Start and The Bean
  • The Traveloguer
  • The Whole World Is a Playground
  • Travel Edits
  • Wandering On Travel Blog
  • Where Is Tara?
  • Where’s Clair?
  • Wild Star Landing
  • yogafootsteps

Thanks for your support and Buen Camino!


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