Camino Finisterre 2016 – Day 0 – Dublin to Santiago de Compostela

Camino 2016 – Day 0 – Dublin to Santiago de Compostela – September 1st
A short flight to Spain!

So I have returned! My feet have touched Irish soil after my Finisterre Camino….well yesterday! I have received my Finisterrana and watched the sun set under the horizon. Yet again, the Spanish people have been 110% and my need to return has greatly increased. I have met some amazing people also from all corners of the world. So how did I get on?

My flight was on the 1st of September. An Aer Lingus A320 Airbus flew a largely Irish crowd at 1pm Irish time from Dublin. I decided to check my bag in this time as I had a pacer pole with me. Once I queued through security, I waited for the plane to board. There were a lot of Irish heading off with small bags, presumably walking from Sarria to Santiago. Everyone was giddy, traveling into the unknown. I talked to a young couple and urged them to collect as many sellos as possible. The credencial will be even more special than the compostela in years to come, I vowed.

My rucksack was an impressive 6kg with the trekking pole dismantled inside. At least I was doing something right. My plan was to walk from Santiago to Finisterre in 4 days and then on to Muxia. There I would watch the sun set and would have 5 days walking complete. It’s the shortest time I have been on the Camino but I need the remainder of my holidays for other reasons. I left Ireland knowing that the weather was going to be pleasant and with no rain forecast and I packed with that in mind. I left my poncho, gaiters and sleeping bag at home and brought the liner. All well and good…although I hoped we had no rain!

So I arrived in Santiago Airport shortly after 4pm Spanish time. There is a very handy feeder bus from the airport that leaves you at Praza de Galicia, which is  about 15 minutes, and from there, the old town is 10 minutes walk. Unfortunately, I got lost trying to find my stay for the night – the Hospedería San Martin Piñario – a renovated monastery. It still had the old features and for €23 it is a joy. I strongly recommend that you stay there when in Santiago ( It’s simple but all you could need as a pilgrim. I decided to meet a blogging friend, Sindre, after checking in, for a few drinks. He had recently completed the Camino Primitivo to the north of Spain. So I walked down to Roots and Boots Albergue beside the Parque Alameda. He was with his friends and kindly invited me to join them. I was the only one who had yet to start a Camino, so was feeling a little left out! We went for some food later but I left a little early to get myself ready for the next day’s hike. I tend to wake up early!! 🙂
As always Santiago doesn’t sleep too early and there was a band playing for a few hours in the Plaza de Obradorio. I drifted off around midnight eager to get the next day started.

Waiting to take off in Dublin

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