Sad news..

In August of this year, I wrote about David Vidal and his Casa de los Dioses. He owns a plot of land about 2km outside of Astorga on the Camino Frances. Here, he offers drinks, food, fruit and words of encouragement to pilgrims who pass by. He and his Casa embodies the spirit of the Camino, in my opinion.

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However, I have heard sad news today that David is closing his Casa and moving on. According to (written in Spanish), it says that Casa de los Dioses – one of the purest places on the Camino will disappear. David found that “the door to happiness is simplicity; the simpler things are better. “However, he is tired living in the ‘theatre piece of hypocrisy’ that the Camino has become”.

Whatever he means by ‘theatre piece’, only David will know. However, there are a lot of people, including me, who are sad to see him leave. I have met him twice and I consider him one of the angels of the Camino. He has given so much and asked for nothing in return – the way it should be. Will someone replace him, or will he return at a later date, that remains to be seen.

Thank you David!


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    1. I agree. All sorts are on the Camino now, and it is not what it once was since he moved to Astorga 7 years ago.. Maybe he will come back at a later time. If he enjoys simplicity, he won’t get it anywhere else unfortunately. These angels are fading away.


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