Towns Along The Way – “N – O”

We are coming close to the end of the alphabet in the same way we are getting closer to Santiago. Here are another two letters.

Navarrete (map)

220px-navarrete_pavement_camino_markerNavarrete is situated in La Rioja, about 12km west of Logrono. It has a population of just over 3000 people. As you can tell from where it is based, Rioja wine is very important to Navarrete’s economy. In fact, you will notice that from walking into the town from the rows and rows of vineyards. Also, before you enter the town, you will see the old ruins of San Juan de Acre, a hospital for pilgrims. I walked through Navarrete on two occasions. In 2013, having started in Logrono, I passed through the town and chose to stay in Najera, while in 2014, I stayed in one of the main albergues there. The first thing you will notice is that the town is at the base of a hill. There once was a castle at the top and no trace now exists. However, there is a viewing point from which you can view many towns in the area. There is a large selection of accommodation in Navarrete to choose from (Gronze), I really enjoyed my time in Albergue La Casa del Peregrino.

Nájera (map)

A further 18km westward, we arrive at Najera. I’m really unsure how you pronounce this najera_viewname, whether it’s said “Nackera” or “Nagera”. Regardless,  Nájera is a large town containing full facilities. It is also based in the La Rioja province and is home to over 7000 people. As you enter the town, you will cross the Najerilla river and enter the old town. There you will see the Monastery of Santa María la Real. At first glance, I thought that part of the town was built from the very hills that surround it. The monastery is definitely worthwhile checking out. Like Navarrete, there are a whole host of albergues and hostels to choose from (Gronze).

Obanos (map)


Church of San Juan Bautista

For the last town today, we move backwards to Navarre. Situated 1km from Puente la Reina, Obanos is a small town with 800 people . It is also a historic village as the the French Route from Somport, and the French Way, from Roncesvalles, converge into one here. Obanos is also home to the Gothic church of San Juan Bautista.  There are albergues here if you want to stop off (Gronze). Obanos is also close to the Church of Eunate, which is not on the Camino.

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