Some interesting Podcasts about the Camino…

While there are literally hundreds of videos on YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion about planning, preparation and walking the Camino, I have noticed an increase in the amount of podcasts. Podcasting is basically a form of audio broadcasting on the Internet. You can download the file in question and listen to it at your own time. There are a few that I have spotted and I have to pay tribute to them for the work they have put into them.

  • First of all we have The Indie Travel Podcast. Craig and Linda are from New Zealand and are addicted travellers. They have both walked a number of Caminos and have uploaded a good few podcasts about them. So if you are considering walking the Camino Ingles, Frances, Primitivo and others, you can hear how they got on and maybe pick up a few tips.
  • Next of all, Dave Whitson is no stranger to Camino podcasting. Not only has he written a book on the Northern Caminos, but he has uploaded close to 30 detailed episodes about the different Ways, planning and advice. He writes “The Camino Podcast is a program focused on pilgrimage. We talk about major pilgrimage routes, like Spain’s Camino de Santiago, we share stories from the road, and we talk about more technical aspects of pilgrimage. Whether you’re planning your first pilgrimage, processing your latest one, or just an armchair traveler, we hope you find this to be a good listen!” I have even contributed to one of his podcasts! You can find a full list of his audio on his Soundcloud page.
  • And another one to keep your eye on. Two Australians, David and Kelly, are due to walk from Burgos to Leon in January and instead of blogging or videoing their trip, they are going to podcast. They have set up Walk This Way so that’s on for the future.

Applications like Audacity and Opinion are making it easier for us to podcast. Once you have a basic script and make sure your listeners will be interested, then why not? Alternatively, you can do it just to update your family and friends like David and Kelly are planning on doing.

If there are any other podcasts I have missed out, please let me know in the comments below as I am always interested to hear them.

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