My Wrist is Free!

Just a quick post to let you know that today my cast on my left wrist has been removed. I have been discharged as the doctors feel happy that the wrist has healed. As you can imagine, it feels very strange and tender now, having been restricted for a month and a half. I had a session of physio following the removal of the cast and I was given some homework to do. My wrist is pretty stiff at the moment but hey! it’s making progress. I’m back to the physio in a month by which time I will be able to do handstands (or at the very least use my pacerpoles).

So now it’s time to get cracking on the exercises given to me, and feel glad that I can eat Christmas dinner with both hands.


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  1. So glad you got your wish of diving in the Christmas Dinner with both hands! 🙂

    By the way, my Christmas flight to visit my mom in the States has an overnight in Dublin. Not a lot of time, but any recommendations for some Christmas Whiskey? (I don’t like beer and already have had a pint of Guiness in Dublin anyway despite not liking beer! :P)

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      1. I already have reservations at a hotel next to the AirCoach stop paid for in the city centre 🙂 But thanks for the advice! I will look for BushMills. I arrive at 19.00 on Friday and fly out at 11.00 on Saturday. I wish I had more time to see the places I didn’t get, but a night in Dublin will give me a chance to write about the Irish SetMeravelles!

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      2. Aha..the will have two bars each side of you to sample some whiskey..Toddy’s and Madigans. Actually, being in the city centre is perfect for such a short amount of time. You could walk down to Trinity College, down Grafton Street and to St. Stephen’s Green. You will be in the middle of the hustle and bustle with Christmas lights everywhere.

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