Wise Pilgrim App soon to go to print


The much-liked Wise Pilgrim series created by Michael Matynka is now going to print, nearly 5 years after the first mobile application for the Camino was published. The series is very popular among those who choose to walk the Camino without a physical guidebook. It can be downloaded  on iPhone and Android and an app is available for most routes. I use the Camino Frances app while in Spain and it is great for letting me know how near the next town is and what accommodation is available. However, a printed copy will be great news for those of us (sometimes myself) who tend to forget to charge their phones before walking the following day. The guidebook is not expected to be heavy. About 100 city maps are due to be included and other information normally found in other guidebooks have been deleted. I look forward to it.

An IndieGoGo campaign has been created with backers receiving the first edition hot off the press.

With all the above said, if you still prefer to keep your guides on your smart phone, I would recommend you downloading one of the Wise Pilgrim apps – here. And if you would like to help out the IndieGoGo campaign and receive one of the first copies of the guidebook, you can read all about it – here.

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