Are you a Pilgrim or a Walker?

It’s close to 10pm here in cold Dublin but wanted to share the below video with you all before I called it a night. It’s a pretty long video, coming in at close to 3 hours, so if you have a bit of time spare, it is well worth the watch. The maker of the video (sorry, I didn’t get a name but he goes by the username “Nalutia“) walked from St Jean Pied de Port to Fisterra in 2015 over 30-something days and I suppose this acted as a bit of a video diary. There are some great scenes of the Pyrenees and the meseta, with nice local music from Pamplona, La Rioja and Santiago.

During the video, he points out that, in his opinion, there are two types of people walking the Camino – pilgrims or trekkers / walkers. The vast majority of people say they are pilgrims but is the intention there to come home a better person than before? Do you visit a church, or take in the surroundings if you are not religious?

Or would you be a walker? Do you leave your accommodation before sunrise, ignore the amazing surroundings and attractions, and try to get to Santiago in the least amount of time? If you have walked the Camino before, the great “Bed Race” is an example of this, which I have been guilty of before!! This really defeats the purpose of the Camino in my opinion.

So if you are planning an upcoming Camino, listen to what the man in the below video has to say. Take your time, leave your earphones at home and experience what Spain has to offer. Go there with an open mind also, because, even if you don’t consider yourself a pilgrim now, you might learn something new about yourself while on the Way.

A tripod and expensive camera might be a little too much however… enjoy!

13 thoughts on “Are you a Pilgrim or a Walker?

  1. I don’t really like the artificial distinction between “pilgrim” and “walker.” I admit that I haven’t watched the video, maybe because I’m not a “video-person.” Are you are a whatever, or a whatever-else?

    The Camino Frances can be great and is not overly busy much of the year. However, it is certainly not a hike in the wilderness, and I have only walked it in March, October and November.


    1. HI Clare, hope you are well. The intention of the post was not to divide or put persons in groups. I saw the video and I hoped it would make people think about why they walk the Camino. It seems a lot of people have made up their minds already however, and I fully respect that. I don’t particularly like to pigeon hole myself but the video makes you think, lI feel.


      1. I hope I didn’t seem “offended” by my comment. I agree that there’s value in thinking (a bit) about the difference. But sometimes people forget the shades of grey. Your post was successful in stimulating a bit of discussion! I really should take the time to watch the video before commenting!

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      2. No offence taken at all 🙂 I wanted to leave the video do the talking but maybe I gave the impression that there are only 2 set ways to walk the Camino in the post. Everyone decides how they walk prior to starting.


  2. beth jusino

    How fun – he was just a week ahead of me in 2015! I left SJPP on May 13. As for walker vs pilgrim…when I first set out, I hesitated to call myself a pilgrim. It sounded too “religious.” But it only took a day or two for me to embrace pelerin, and later pelegrina. That wasn’t measured by how many holy services I attended, or how many kilometers I walked in a day, but by whether I embraced my place in a tradition that had existed for centuries.


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