Astorga becomes Logrono….

I’m not naturally unpredictable but after a few days thinking, I have thrown a curveball at my plans for September. Alas, I have decided to shift the starting point of September Camino to La Rioja and Logrono. Logrono is a lovely city and like Astorga, there is plenty to see and do. I will have ten days of walking and I hope to reach Sahagun by the tenth day. From there, I will take a train to Santiago where I will meet my good friend, St. James. I have walked through the provinces of La Rioja and Castilla y Leon on a number of occasions and have really enjoyed my times there. So much so that I will postpone my walking through Galicia for another time. My flight to Madrid on the 4th of September still stands, and from there I catch an ALSA bus to Logrono. I’m half-tempted to walk to Navarette once I arrive but for the time being, I have reserved a bunk-bed in Albergue Albas

I get to pass through favourite towns of mine – Belorado (with it’s highly recommended Cuatro Cantones albergue), Azofra, Burgos, Boadilla del Camino, and Villalcázar de Sirga. The meseta has only been good to me when I walked through it, so I look forward to September. Many dislike this stretch, so much so that they catch a bus to Leon or Astorga. I’m not sure why. I suppose living so close to the Camino allows me to make these sudden changes and I’m grateful for that. I do apologise to any of my readers who were looking forward to my posts from Galicia but I will make it up to you.

Buen Camino amigos!

Ps – My post on my recent walk around the Bog of Frogs last Saturday has been posted on Camino Society Ireland’s new website.

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  1. You really are a Meseta Man! I am glad you have followed your instincts – and your heart – and I hope you will have a great time there once again. May your feet fly over the flats and the rain stay off! Buen camino from Galicia Girl

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    1. Meseta Man (now patent pending 😊) has special abilities. He can walk longer and faster and stay in the smallest albergues. He also has an aversion to hills 😂. I hope you can follow me vicariously and not be put off by the flats ☺️

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      1. Ah, well, Galicia Girl has a fondness for greenery and winding trails, for hilltop vistas and cool mountain mornings. She moves slowly, but surely up and down the hills all day, and believes in the restorative power of a rest en route. But of course I will follow you – that way I don’t have to do it again myself!


  2. Also looking forward to reading your posts no matter what route you walk 👍

    I’ve also been meaning to ask do you personally get a new pilgrims passport each time you visit the Camino or do you simply keep filling up an existing one until all the pages are used up ? Just wondering what people do in general. I’m leaning towards getting a new one for my own Camino adventure this September as it will be the first time I’ll have travelled out with and walked with a companion from the start.
    Just curious as to what you might think !

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    1. Hi Peadar. I’m glad you asked me that question as the Camino society were asked the same on Saturday. I personally use a new credential for each Camino. I like to keep each memory separate. But you can use the same passport for many trips provided it is official and you obtain 2 sellos per day (if you are walking to Santiago).


  3. Rioja is lovely, and it has a powerful pull. In fact, I just changed my 2017 plans and will walk from Pamplona to Burgos, just a couple of weeks ahead of you.


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