camino de santiago

The Countdown continues…

With 3 days before I board my flight to Madrid, I am filled with mixed emotions – happiness, trepidation, excitement – but this is all normal.

I have walked into Burgos twice before but have not had the chance to properly explore. This year I arrive between 1-2pm and I will make the most of this free time to not only visit the Cathedral but it’s Castle and the Museum of Human of Evolution. But all this may change. I remember in 2015 that I had very little energy on arriving at the albergue and skipped the opportunity of seeing the Cathedral – possibly the most beautiful one along the Camino, with the exception of Santiago.

Am I ready? Of course – I have been since September 2016. Am I prepared? – I hope I am. I will find out when I arrive. My pack weight is lighter than before at 7kg. The weather forecast has made me decide to carry a silk liner instead of a sleeping bag. New additions include rain pants and pacerpoles. I return to 1000 mile socks also.

This may be my last stroll on the Camino Frances for quite some time, as I have previously mentioned. A jaunt on the Celtic Camino from A Coruna has been planned in early May of 2018 with my younger brother. This will be first time I walk with a companion. He is a much faster walker to me – so I may still be walking alone. Either way, I look forward to this trip.

You can follow me on my meseta Camino from Monday on my Instagram and occasionally on my Facebook page. Please like both if you can. You won’t miss a footstep if you do.

Buen Camino!

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  1. Buen Camino! I hope this will be a beautiful, exciting, peaceful, magical journey for you. I can’t wait to follow along (and hopefully you can make it into the cathedral in Burgos- I really loved it!)

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  2. I will be following your journey. It sounds exciting and makes me long to be heading back in three days also. Maybe I missed it in other posts, but why that choice of Burgos to Rabanal? Whatever the reason Buen Camino fellow pilgrim.

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    • Aha good question and one I should have answeres earlier. I have 11 days walking and even if i take my time I will end beyond Astorga. So i thought, why not end in one of my favourite albergues? It just makes sense. We’ll see if it will happen though. Plans go a wry on the Camino.


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