Writing from the Camino..


I write to you in the Municipal Albergue in Astorga. I have walked for ten days and while this is not even a third of the full French Way, I have completed the time allotted to me this year. I started in Burgos what feels like months ago and after close to 240kms, I strolled into Astorga this morning.

This has been very much a solitary Camino. I have made friends but none will remain friends once I leave. This contrasts to previous Caminos when I made life-long friends. I have learned alot in these ten days. I have learned to accept more and some important questions have been answered. Time passes so quickly and the important things are not how your day in work is and bills but what is in your pack and what condition your feet are in.

I wish I had more time, I wish my feet didn’t hurt and I wish life could be this simple. But no, i must travel to Santiago to fly to Dublin. One day I will have time to walk for 5-6 weeks but it won’t be for some time. I return home on Saturday with a heavy heart and with sore feet knowing that my Camino continues at home and it won’t be long before I return to this great country. 

I will write in more detail when i return home. In the meantime, Buen Camino to one and all. 

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11 thoughts on “Writing from the Camino..

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  1. So sorry it did not meet your expectations. I started in Burgos and made it to Santiago in less than 4 weeks. It was very different this time too, being alone…but, never really alone. Gods speed home and with healing. Looking forward to your return someday and mine, as well…probably in Portugal. Buen Camino, as you continue at home.

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    1. I like how you put this- the ephemeral nature of most Camino friendships- there’s a beauty in it, this quick passing through, fleeting but strong impressions.


  2. Hola Dave,
    I’m following in your footsteps ! I’m in the magnificent Albergue Collegiata in Roncesvalles at the moment having survived the driving rain on the Route Napolean. I totally echo the great points you make.Us Irish are so fortunate to be able to reach the Camino so easily but it’s always so so difficult to leave after only 2-3 weeks walking. Someday we will get that opportunity for a 6-7 week Camino but for now we can embrace the great opportunities to visit as often as we can.
    BUEN CAMINO and again many thanks for this great blog.
    P 👍

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    1. Buen Camino Peadar. The rain clears up shortly for you. It is hot and sunny from Pamplona. The meseta was uncomfortable at times but we had a nice breeze at our backs to push us along. These memories will stay with me for a while. Now to plan for my ingles in May.


  3. Every single one of my Camino experiences have been so different… and there’s something new to be learned in each of them. Buen Camino, safe travels, and I look forward to hearing more!


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