Camino Francés – A return

I don’t get into this position too often. I returned from the Portuguese Coastal Route, revitalised, with quite a few days leave left. So I decided I would go back. But not to Santiago or Galicia, but to the other side of Spain.

I actually quite prefer the journey and not the destination. Stopping short of Santiago leaves you without a compostela, but I get to witness the excitement and trepidation in pilgrims eyes as they are taking their first steps. And we all remember our first steps on the Camino!

So on September 11th, I fly to Bilbao and travel to Puente la Reina where I will start my Camino. I hope to walk to Burgos or even further. My return flight is on the 21st. It is short but who could imagine I would walk two Caminos in one year. Not me! Let’s see if that carries forward to 2019 but that’s unlikely.

I will be posting on Instagram and I will update this blog when I return home. So please keep an eye on my Instagram.

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  1. Buen Camino! I “returned” to that same section (Pamplona to Burgos) last summer. It’s a lovely walk, and a chance to explore different towns/albergues/perspectives.

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