Hace dos meses….

I returned from Burgos on the 14th of September with a new found energy, and maybe a desire to return again. But surely that isn’t that bad? Nearly two months have passed since I returned to Ireland.

Since then, I have tried to keep the Camino alive. Many times have I wanted to book a flight to Spain and walk a few days on one of the many Caminos. Many times have I have browsed through the prices for flights. But not this year. It’s just not possible.

I will return next May to A Coruña and walk to Santiago, and maybe walk to the coast. Watching the sun set in Finisterre is special and the right end to a pilgrimage.

The last few months have seen me ‘giving back’. The winter edition of Shamrocks and Shells – the Camino Society of Ireland’s online newsletter is now published. I have been its editor since its creation at the start of the year.

I’d ask you to check it out and if you would like to contribute to it, please let me know. You can find details at www.ShamrocksandShells.com

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  1. Lovely newsletter. I’ve recently started volunteering as an editor for the American equivalent, called La Concha. I love the chance to see more pilgrims’ stories and be part of the community.

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