Time stops for no one…

The last few days have been tough. The death of a member of the family can put absolutely everything on hold and make you concentrate on the here and now. You put your life in perspective and answer a few questions that have been clicking around in the back of your head. Questions that I’d rather not answer. Well, until I go on Camino!

I mean the above in the least selfish way of course. When all the formalities were over, I arrived back in Dublin on Saturday after a pretty emotional mass and goodbye. I met family members I hadn’t seen in many years. We just had our own lives to live and did our own things. But what I am trying to say is we should live like today is our last. Forget the begrudgers, live your own life. If what you do doesn’t make you happy, find something else to work on! 

When I arrived home, I immediately jotted in dates for a 2nd Camino in 2019. I want to be in Spain as much as possible. Next September, I will start in Porto and walk along the coast. I probably will not reach Santiago but these things don’t bother me anymore. I have a feeling 2 Caminos each year will be the norm as long as I remain employable!! 

Buen and Healthy Camino!

4 thoughts on “Time stops for no one…

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  1. Hi David

    I just read your post.

    Sorry to hear about your bereavement I hope that you are ok. I may be wrong but I gather that if was not a member of your immediate family, but still close enough to have had a strong effect on you.

    As usual your writing was powerful and articulated a lot of those thoughts that we have but can’t express as well as you.

    Buen Camino


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  2. Hermano Peregrino,
    Very sorry to hear of your loss and I pass on my sincere sympathies. It is indeed a time for reflection. I fully agree with the sentiments expressed. I wish for the Camino to work it’s magic for you. Regards, P

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  3. So sorry to hear about you loss. I lost my grandmother this fall, as well, and it was a bittersweet chance for exactly the kind of reflections you describe.

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