camino de santiago


First of all, I want to wish you all a Happy Easter. I hope you have enjoyed the last few days. Being 2 weeks away from a Camino is exciting, and there will be posts on that soon. However, I have other news to announce.

As you know I have been secretly planning ahead and creating short term goals for myself. In the middle of these goals is the Clearskies Camino name. During the Easter period, I have brought my laptop home with me to my parents’ house, I have avoided the chocolates (I have been good!), drank copious cups of tea and got to work on creating this up-to-date blog, website, personal web space, a place where I can write, potential home. But I have so much more than that. I am discovering something new every this is quite an adventure for me. And I am sure others in my shoes will say the same.
With regard to the name, I was unable to take with me as own it but my hope is that I will purchase it once it becomes available again.

Over the last number of days, I have been busily crossing fingers hoping that my content would transfer but after numerous attempts, I have decided with plan b – copy and paste. The menu at the top of the page will link to my previous Caminos, Camino planning links and preparation tips. Over the weeks, these will be added. And here is what is to come:

  • an ebook following my Celtic Camino
  • the sale of a Clearskies Camino patch for those interested, more information later
  • More links
  • YouTube videos

So I hope you like what you see. If anything is not working or if anything is out of place, drop me a line here
I hope you, fellow subscriber, are able to read this. If you are, you might let me know.

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  1. Sounds good! Lots of work on your part, but it will be great to share your information and experiences with others. Looking forward to reading/seeing all parts of your web-presence.
    After doing a lot of family history recently and learning that the Muir and Moffett families have ties to Ireland, I am getting curious about walking there.
    Thanks for all the work you are doing to share your information and adventures!


    • Mary, thanks for your comment. You know there are many pilgrim ways in Ireland. Muir definitely has an Irish ring to it.
      For further reading on Irish pilgrim paths, refer to You can walk 25km of your Camino in Ireland and the remainder from A Coruna.
      That is what I am doing in May and I’m looking forward to it!


  2. 👍Love the new format ……sadly I personally failed miserably regarding the Easter chocolate overdose !!!

    I look forward to the ebook.



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