10 days before i leave….

I don’t have long left. My first trip to Spain this year is within touching distance. The countdown is close to single digits. But I’m far less prepared than before. Is this a sign of an experienced pilgrim or just someone who has other things on his mind? A little bit of both, to be honest.

So where now?

For the 2nd year, I walk with my brother. This Camino will start in the town of Ferrol, in the north of Spain. For two days we walk to the town of Betanzos. The following morning we catch a train to A Coruña which has a rich history with Ireland. In medieval times, pilgrims travelled by sea to A Coruña and other northern Spanish ports, many from Ireland, and continued to Santiago

From here, we will continue our Celtic Camino to Santiago (75km). Once in Santiago, we will walk to the end of the world at Fisterra. This will be my 10th Camino but it is too early to celebrate!


I have everything in its right place, as Thom Yorke once said. A pack has been picked and what is needed is beside it. Other years would see me have taken part in more practice walks but I don’t seem to have the time this year. Maybe in the summer before my trip to Lisbon, I might change that. Actually, my brother has been far more organised than I have! I attended Cotswold Outdoor last evening in Dublin for an information evening on the Camino. The staff there are all great and love the outdoors. Do go there if you have any gear queries as they seem to live in as well as love the outdoors. I will be sticking with my Lowe Alpine pack for this trip and unless something spectacular happens before September, it will be joining me in Lisbon.

Clearskies Camino patches

Unfortunately, the patches will not be available before I go on Camino, but I should have them when I return. I have set up an Etsy store. Again, email me if you are interested in a patch for your pack, or if you want to support me.

A slight mishap…

Before Easter, I had the unfortunate experience of stubbing one of my small toes against a door. It still pains me to this day so I’m a little worried. The same incident happened in 2014 when I had arranged to walk from St Jean in May only to stub my toe. I changed my flights to later in the year. Let’s see how I feel closer to the time. I’ve heard of pilgrims walk in these conditions and not get far.

A little more time in Santiago?

Ah, I am quite a bad planner. I have designed (or should that be badly designed) our Camino in such a way so we meet L from Somewhereslowly.com in Santiago de Compostela on the 14th of May, the day we both arrive. I had fun in September when we both met in Los Arcos, Estella and Viana before I scurried on to Burgos. Anyway, I really think Compostela deserves more than half a day to chill and do touristy things and so I am hankering thoughts of staying for one more day before wandering on to the end of the world.

Writing while on Camino

On my previous Caminos, my attempts to blog have proven somewhat mixed. From my Camino in 2013, I was able to write in the albergues and post pictures, all before instagram. That year I enjoyed and it showed in the length of my posts! As my Caminos progressed I have in a way left the writing as an afterthought and concentrated on the walking and meeting people. Posting pictures was sometimes a chore as it is good to just switch off. For this Camino, I will be using a journal. Hopefully, it will be full by the time I return. Any photos will be posted over on Instagram.

2 thoughts on “10 days before i leave….

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  1. The excitement in anticipation of a Camino journey is all part of the magic. I’ve just watched ‘Ionramh an Chamino’ again on TG4 catchup last night and it really gets the Camino juices flowing !
    Mind the toe and I’m sending out positive affirmations that all will be right on the night👍
    The journey has begun.


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