What’s Next?

It is a little too soon to talk about next year’s Camino before I have taken my first step from Ferrol but the purpose of this post is to let you know what routes I would like to walk in the near future. I won’t give any dates as I have no plans made other than those made for September. But this may give you an idea where my thoughts lie.

Camino Portugues from Lisbon

In September, I walk from Lisbon for 10 days with a pilgrim friend I met last September in Ventosa, La Rioja. We hope to divert to Fatima and if all goes to plan, I will arrive at Coimbra before flying home from Porto.

Camino Portugues Interior from Porto

This is for some time in 2020. I walked the final 160 km of the coastal route in 2018 and it was a good introduction to the Portuguese Camino. I highly recommend either the interior or the coastal route as an alternative to the overly-crowded Camino from Sarria. Whether I travel alone or with my brother next year remains to be seen.

2021 and beyond: Camino Norte

I have been putting this Camino off for far too long. Maybe its difficulty is a factor? Maybe the number of refugios / albergues in comparison to the Camino Frances is another reason? Neither should be a reason to strike it off a list. Truth is, it is more challenging than the Camino Frances but the views along the Bay of Biscay and the many beaches are simply outstanding. It’s quite rightly on my list. Due to work commitments, I won’t walk it all at once, but over a number of years.

And finally: The first week from St Jean Pied de Port

I first walked out from St Jean in September 2014. I’d love to do it again before the 10th anniversary. Just a week to Logrono is all I would need.

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  1. Oh, give the Norte a try. I know everyone says it’s harder, but I don’t know if that’s entirely accurate. There are more hills, but they’re shorter. And it’s quieter than the Frances, but there are plenty of albergues. I don’t like to walk more than 22-24 km/day, and I never had trouble finding a place. And yes, the views are what makes it all worthwhile.


    1. From what I have seen and heard, the Norte looks magnificent. The start looks tricky, but I suppose I’m not giving myself enough credit having walked over the Pyrenees and over the Leon hills. I have bought the Cicerone guidebook recently so I have plenty of time to look at it.


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