Post-Camino Blues

Hello everyone. I arrived back home on the 19th of May, having reached Santiago de Compostela on the 14th of May. For someone who is so used to the flat plain meseta, this was different, but not any less enjoyable.

Galicia is a beautiful part of the world and there were times where my brother and I were the only people walking, polar opposites to the French Way from Sarria. I didn’t take any journal entries during this Camino so these following blog posts will be sketchy. This is the Camino. For me, once I started walking it is just difficult to find time to write, even though I had a brand new journal and pen calling out my name.

Myself and my brother in the Praza da Obradoiro

I loved my time in Santiago again and I stayed an extra day to meet people. I’m especially happy to see Faith in Pilgrim House who was kind enough to meet us after she had finished her day’s work. Thank you to Linda too for literally arranging a Camino on hearing we would be walking. It was good to meet you again.

Going back to the office on Tuesday was the Camino’s parting gift to me. A cruel joke, you would think. With all highs come the lows and it is only now I am posting. I always look forward to my next one. Until then, I research and I plan.

I’m thankful to have met many people on the way to Santiago but the Camino Ingles / Celtic Camino is a much quieter way to the French Way. If you are interested in solitude, this Camino might suit you. However, I found it challenging at times as I enjoy mixing with other pilgrims.

Fun in a field close to Bruma

It is one beautiful walk however, and you have everything….flowing streams, small animals, rustic cottages…just like the west of Ireland without the English. Over the course of the month, I will write about it here. Please subscribe if you want to be notified by mail of a new post.

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  1. It was great to walk along with you and your brother on your latest Camino. Looking forward to the next one!


    1. Thanks Mary, I really appreciate you following us on instagram. I would encourage you to walk it at some stage. As you could tell from our posts, we had mixed weather but the day really cleared up in Santiago.


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