camino de santiago

Camino Inglés – Hospital de Bruma to Sigüeiro – Day 6

Another great day and one with far more people to talk to. On the whole, we were descending from Bruma, but there were many rolling hills to navigate. The sun was out again, which made the first 2 days a distant memory.

The albergue cleared out very early and we were on the road before 7am. The only folks left were the Spanish pilgrims. Our German friend was always in front of us. He must prefered his own company, taking long strides to ensure there was space between his own thoughts and those of the next pilgrim. We walk along quiet country roads listening to chirping birds and barking dogs. The odd passing tractor breaks the silence.

We are left bemused on seeing the statues and models after Cabeza de Lobo, yet take photos of the many attractions there. There is a large dinosaur, a tractor and a large stone statue of Santiago. It definitely was something to write home about and pilgrims seem to like it’s uniqueness.

Second breakfast was at A Rua, after passing through a number of sleepy villages. I swear I want to move here once I win the Lottery. The scenery is enough to win the coldest of hearts over. We caught up with our German friend, and an Italian, with a Danish girl too. All were drinking coffee and eating the last bits from a tostada. We made our order and wished them a Buen Camino. We knew we would see them again.

Just beside the café, you pass by the 18th-century church, the Igrexa de San Paio de Buscas which contains the statue of San Paio.

There was plenty of walking in wooded areas as well as in the open. Waymarkers brought us off main roads into dark forest paths. With the day that was in it, I was glad to have some shade for a few minutes.

Our next stop was in A Calle. We had been told to keep an eye out for Bar O Cruceiro here as that would be the last bar for 12 kilometres. It was well advertised in advance, however, it was closed on arrival. We moved on with little else to do.

The scenery as you come closer to Sigüeiro is not what you call spectacular. In fact, if there was an etch-a-sketch of the Camino, I would erase this bit out as well the walk into Burgos. Walking by a motorway is far from attractive. It wasn’t long before we arrived at Sigüeiro and checked in at Albergue Camino Real. There are no municipal albergues in this town so it is advisable to book ahead. There are a good range of options on

One more day to Santiago!

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