September’s Camino is a little up in the air…

So as some of you know, I have flights booked to Lisbon to walk some of the Portuguese Camino from September 9th. I booked the outward and return flight from Porto at Christmas. What makes this extra special is I will be meeting Carsten whom I met in Ventosa on the Camino Frances last September. He will be walking all the way to Santiago. While I have been looking forward to visiting the amazing city of Lisbon for a long time, I hope to be spending one night there. However, there have been some developments.

During my recent Camino from A Coruna, I picked up an injury on my large right toe, the extent of which wasn’t apparent until I returned home. The toe was red, sensitive to the touch and I just knew there was some bad news incoming. I visited the local GP and when I saw his face make those shapes, I was mentally preparing myself. The toe was infected and I was given a course of antibiotics to hopefully do the trick. If not, Plan B would kick into action. This was Friday, the 21st. The antibiotics were completed with no success and it was time to walk towards the door marked “Plan B”.

I then visited a great podiatrist in the city centre of Dublin last week who told me in no uncertain words that the nail must come out. The words, ‘ingrown’, ‘toe’ and ‘nail’ all came sailing towards me. Deep down, I knew that the nail would have to go but it took a while for me to admit it to myself, especially with a Camino coming up so soon. By the end of the evening, the podiatrist removed most of the nail until it became too painful to remove any more.

The remainder will be removed under anesthetic on August 2nd in Newry, Northern Ireland which isn’t too far from my home. She explained, much to my surprise, that no podiatrist can administer anesthetic to patients in the Republic of Ireland. This was an eye-opener to me.

I hope and pray that I am ready for my Camino on September 8th. But if I am unable to go, so be it, I have lost the cost of my flights, nothing else.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the toe David. Fingers crossed that all will be well for September.

    Go n’eirí an tádh leat.


  2. Sorry to hear about your toe! My boyfriend recently had the same thing happen to him, and he’s planning on hiking in Colorado with me next week and is doing fine. I hope the same is for you.

    If worse comes to worse, maybe you could have a nice holiday visiting Lisbon and taking a bus to…Porto? Or wherever and just enjoy Portugal at a more sedentary pace?. I know it’s not the same as a Camino.


    1. Ah thanks Pablo! You have set my mind at ease. I think I am jumping to conclusions a little early. I guess I don’t know how long it takes to recuperate from this. But if your boyfriend had the same issue and it cleared up quickly, I should be good to go.
      If not, your idea sounds like a good one! A few days in Lisbon – bus a bit to wherever, then to Porto. 🙂


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