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The next one – Camino de Madrid

Ok, I’m not counting my short walk in September when I walk from Lisbon for 10 days on the Camino Portuguese, but I am quietly preparing for next May.

The Camino de Madrid is 315 km long and can be walked in about 2 weeks. It starts in Madrid and ends in Sahagún on the Camino Francés. Pilgrims can choose to go home at that point or continue on to Santiago. I will most likely return to Madrid to fly home as my annual leave is limited. I have purchased the CSJ guidebook which is helpful. This Camino is very quiet with barely 300 people receive Compostelas annually so there won’t be any great demand with albergues.

I am looking forward to it but there is plenty of time for planning and scheming before May.

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  1. PJ C #

    Looks so inviting. Part of the joy of the journey is in the planning.

    Adelante Peregrino !


    July 11, 2019
    • It is definitely the “road less travelled”. I have videos and guidebooks to go on until I leave but it is fairly straightforward. Looking forward to it.


      July 13, 2019
  2. Buen Camino! I’ve read good things about this one 🙂


    July 11, 2019
    • Me too Pablo, one of my insta followers walked it in May and that made my mind up. There is a mix of everything and it is very quiet.


      July 13, 2019
  3. Melanie Trethowan #

    I may see you there! I am planning this walk in May 2020 too! Mel


    July 12, 2019
    • Let’s keep in touch so. I usually walk at the start of May. Happy planning!


      July 13, 2019
    • petra #

      I am also planning to start first week of May 2020


      November 8, 2019

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