Two months to Lisbon..or is it?

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I hope you are all having a good weekend, wherever you are reading this. The weather is good here in Dublin and I have been out and about. There is a festival atmosphere here in Donabate for the 2nd time in two weeks so it’s all good.

I have yet to finish writing about my recent Camino but the good news is, it is just three days from Santiago to Finisterre. For some reason, I find it harder to write, the longer I leave it. (Tip: Use a Journal). Ever since I got back in May, I have been counting down to this 2nd jaunt from Lisbon. Now I consider myself lucky getting away twice in one year but I can’t see it happening in 2020.

I have also been vicariously following a number of pilgrims as they walk the Camino del Norte (OT Camino, ben_camino and Nadine from nadine_walks). The Camino Norte is one route I know very little about but following their respective journeys makes me want to walk this route. And I will. The Camino Frances has been a big part of my life to date and it is only now I am looking to other routes. So I have added the Norte to the list! I have a walk from Lisbon to take on first.

So, let’s talk about Lisbon. While I am not 100% sure I am going yet, I can’t rule it out until I visit the podiatrist on August 2nd. At the moment, the toenail hasn’t been causing me any grief but I would rather have it removed just in case. Whether 4 weeks of recovery is sufficient, I guess I will find out. I will update you all on August 2nd.

In other news, St James’s Day is approaching! July 25th is a big day for pilgrims and many associations have events organised to celebrate the day. If you are in Santiago on the 25th, you will be treated to a firework display but it is always super-busy around that time. What will you be doing to celebrate the day?


I have a few more Clearskies Camino patches available for sale on Etsy. The link is on the front page also. Not only will it look amazing on your backpack but you will be supporting this site and what I do! Thank you to everyone who has bought one so far!!

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  1. You’re following those Norte Instagram journeys too, huh? I’m loving the vicarious living, especially since they’re still all in the part that I walked. (I ended about halfway, in Llanes). I highly recommend the Norte. The views are worth the hills.


      1. Can’t wait to follow your journey! As for guidebooks, though, I highly recommend the Village to Village guide by David Landis and Anna Dintaman. I gave up on the Cicerone after Day 1. Its lodging lists and maps were outdated. The Landis book didn’t have the historic information, but it never led me wrong on a trail turn or albergue recommendation.


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