Weekend Watch #50 – Camino de Santiago from above

I was volunteering for Camino Society Ireland at their information centre in Dublin again today. When I volunteer, I start to think ahead about possible routes to take in the future. There are too many I have yet to look into, but the Camino de Madrid and Camino del Norte will keep me occupied for the next few years. I also meet people who are in the midst of planning for their own Caminos. There is a glow emanating from each pilgrim who visits us, ready for the challenge ahead. New pilgrims, veteran pilgrims – they are all the same. I usually volunteer on Saturdays as I work during the week but those few hours amongst pilgrims gets the adrenaline flowing.

Church of St James, Dublin

With that energy, I usually write a few notes, or maybe write a blog post or possibly do a bit of research on a future Camino. One upcoming Camino isn’t too long away:- The Caminho Portugues. I fly out on September 8th to Lisbon.

But what do I hope to achieve from this Camino? Will it be a few more weeks away to gain more headspace? Will I see some amazing sites and meet amazing people in a beautiful country? Or am I just escaping reality for a few days? Because the truth of the matter is unless I bring the Camino back home, I will have this constant longing to return.

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Watch #50 – Camino de Santiago from above

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  1. Fantastic video. It surely whets the appetite 👍

    I hope to visit the Information Centre in the next couple of weeks so my buddy can get his Pilgrim Passport . I’ll make sure to look out for you and say hello if we go in on a Saturday.



    1. PJ I won’t be in again until August 24th. I am getting this toe fixed up next week. Before that, St James Day mass is on the 28th at 10.30 if you are interested. I shall be there.


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