Pre-Camino Thoughts #1 – 42 days to go

Ok! Let me be honest with you. For the last month or so, I’ve been pretty negative about my next Camino from Lisbon and it has been getting me down. I guess I just wanted someone to talk to and to get a few things off my chest. You may call me dramatic, but I need these few days away in September to clear my head. I’m a little bit more confident now that I spoke to someone so it’s all good.

So, let’s recap. I travel to Newry on Friday to get a toenail removed. I won’t be able to start walking long distances for a few weeks after a procedure like this. I have a wedding on the weekend of the 17th of August, so I will need to get a practice walk on the weekends of the 24/25th August or the 31/01 Sep. That’s all the time I have. The following week I leave for Lisbon.

I have also updated my kit over the weekend. I have bought a Rab fleece, a Colombia t shirt and a pair of Bridgedale socks. You can find my updated packing list in my Preparation page. I hope it is useful for you or for anyone who is planning a Camino.

New RAB fleece

I always find that socks have the greatest turnover. I always seem to be buying a pair or two for each Camino. Mainly because I lose one of the two. Bridgedale is my go-to brand now, having tried 1000 Mile and Smartwool. Walking from Lisbon, it will no doubt be hotter than any of my previous Caminos so I have made sure that the socks I have bought are lightweight. I am sticking with the same kit I used for my May Camino.

More news on Friday.

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  1. Hello, David,
    I haven’t heard many positive comments about starting the Portuguese Camino in Lisbon. Have you considered starting in Porto and walking to Muxia if all goes well toe-wise and heat-wise?
    I’m looking forward to following your walk and I hope your toe heals quickly.
    Mary Lynn


    1. Thanks Mary.
      Yes, the first few days out of Lisbon is mostly road walking which doesn’t sound appealing. I need to do a bit more research and if it is not what I expect, I will take a train to Porto. I have already walked from the coastal town of A Guarda (north of Porto) on the Portuguese Coastal Route and enjoyed it. It is not challenging at all which is good for the toe! 🙂


  2. Buenas suerte in Newry on Friday David (in a post hard Brexit / no ‘back stop’ scenario that just might turn you back at the Border 😉😁 !!).

    I’m sure you will be up and running in no time at all. Great to see your CP planning in full tilt. Love the tips on the gear although I’m a committed 1,000 Mile sock man myself 👍



    1. Thanks PJ.
      I left 1000 mile a while back and use more lightweight socks now. But anything with Merino is fine.
      The rest of the gear is sorted after my short walk in May.


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