Pre-Camino Thoughts #3 – 32 days to go

I woke up this morning, and did what I do every morning – check my Instagram feed. Amongst my followers are many pilgrims who are in the midst of their Camino journey, there are others who are just finished and others who are just preparing. Looking through their photos re-energizes me and gives me food for thought. What I’d give to be in their place?

I am now short of five weeks out. Those days are dropping like flies. Am I ready? Mentally, yes! Physically? Nearly.

I am back to work and have moved from “Camino chic” crocs to shoes. My toe feels tender but I need to be sure that a) it doesn’t get infected and b) something doesn’t fall on it. The next two weeks are vital I suppose. That said, every day that passes instills a energy I haven’t found in a while. However, I’m eager to get walking. This wise old phrase comes to mind:

I’ve drafted up my packing list and I’ve made sure that my passport is in date. This is a new Way for me – the Camino Portuguese from Lisbon. Compared to the Camino Frances, it is hardly going to be overpopulated with pilgrims. In 2018, 327.378 pilgrims arrived into Santiago and were issued with compostelas. Of that number, only 3,052 walked the full distance from Lisbon. Many prefer to walk from Porto or from Tui, the minimum distance required.

I have a wealth of information, but I just need to read it. Being preoccupied with other things certainly doesn’t help. The John Brierley guidebook is an excellent read with a lot of information (link for purchase) but I think I will use the Wise Pilgrim Guide (link for purchase) instead. It is pocket-size and the maps are excellent.

More news soon!

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