Pre-Camino Thoughts #4 – 28 days to go

I hope you are all having a good weekend wherever you are. I have been taking it easy and quietly counting down the days. I bought my pilgrim passport from Camino Society Ireland and got my first few stamps. If you live in Ireland, I recommend getting your passport from them. You can pop into their information office on James’s Street or you can buy one online ( If you live in another country, your own association can provide you with a credential (pilgrim passport) or you can buy one in Spain/France/Portugal, in the town where you start. The choice is yours. I prefer to have mine bought before I go. It’s like the journey has started, I have taken the first few steps. Hopefully, over time, this book will be filled with many different stamps (or the equivalent word in Portuguese)

Also, I have been thinking about my DSLR camera. I threw the question out to my Instagram followers and asked for their suggestions. The responses I received surprised me. Some said to leave it as it is not worth the weight, while others said to bring it as I would regret it. I have decided to bring it and have bought a Peak Design Strap to hold it while I walk. I will only be walking for 8 days and I am comfortable with my pack. I hope to get one practice walk in before I go and I will take the camera with me.

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