camino de santiago

When darkness falls, we keep hoping, we keep dreaming…

With the ever evolving situation in Spain, France and Portugal, many pilgrims are putting their Caminos on hold until Covid-19 subsides. When that will be is difficult to say but many qualified people are saying, we should be over the worst by June. Until then, we need to wait. The Camino has seen darker days and I am sure it will see days like this again but the sun will shine, I can be sure of that.

For those of us who are at home, please follow the advice of your own health authorities. Wash your hands frequently, maintain social distancing and if you feel symptoms, self-isolate. The WHO has great information on what to do.

The current situation:

  • The government of Spain has declared a State of Emergency for the next two weeks.
  • The government of Portugal has declared a State of Alert until April 9th
  • FICS is asking all to cooperate in telling all pilgrims currently on Camino to return home
  • All bars and restaurants are closed for the next two weeks.
  • Santiago Cathedral is closed and all church services have been suspended
  • All municipal albergues in Galicia are closed and in most other Camino routes.
  • The Pilgrim Office is closed
  • Pilgrim House is closed

Please read the Department of Foreign Affairs travel advice for Irish citizens travelling to Spain

The ones who will be hit the most from Covid-19 are the people who help pilgrims on the Way, the volunteers and the owners of cafes and albergues. They depend on pilgrims walking through their towns. But as I said before, the Camino has seen tougher times. We must think positively and work together to ensure that Covid-19 is slowed down and stopped.

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