Another week closer…an early start and some videos

T minus 18 days

Well that week flew by. I have been busily entertaining myself with work and keeping myself indoors. We have been encouraged to stay indoors until May 5th and while that may seem a long time away, I choose to keep busy and let time do the work.

I woke up at 7am this morning so decided to get up and get the weekly shop done. Great news = no queues! Health-wise I am feeling fine. A little sluggish, but that is due to the lack of walking however I am getting a few kilometres of walking each week. Far less than what I was getting pre-lockdown. The only walk of note in my area is a park and the majority of the residents tend to walk in this park. It is difficult to practice social distancing as a result. All my favourite walks are outside of the 2km zone placed by the government. I can’t even go to the beach!

During my time off, I browse videos on YouTube and formulate plans for next year. Andrew Suzuki’s ‘Beyond the Way’ has released another video this morning and it brings back good memories of my time leaving Lisbon last September. His next video will see him in Porto where he walks to Santiago. From there he will meet other pilgrims.

On the Camino Portuguese in September 2019

Andrew describes himself as an “armchair philosopher” and and I like Andrew’s use of words, filming and humour throughout the series. The various quotes from the poet Charles Bukowski really makes you think. Throughout “Beyond the Way”, there are many quotes from many philosophers and great thinkers.

Efren has posted his 9th day from his Camino del Norte. The Camino del Norte is visually stunning but it will probably be the last Camino to attempt due to it’s difficulty. I have the Cicerone guidebook and have done some research but some of the descents look a bit demanding. The great thing is there are plenty of Caminos to choose from.

Anyway, that’s all the news from here. If you are interested, why not follow my instagram account where I will be posting throwback photos from previous Caminos. Take care and stay safe.

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