Something new?

I’m a little excited. Actually, I’m not quite sure how I feel. This could be the beginning of something new or, then again, it may not be. I will know in a few weeks when I take my first steps.

It’s no secret that it has become more of a challenge to keep your audience, especially for us bloggers. I have been writing about the Camino de Santiago for nearly 9 years and I have had some highs. I have had some lows too. More and more bloggers are making the switch to podcasting or YouTube to get their message across, while hoping they can increase their audience. I’m not going to throw in the towel on this blog though. Far from it.

There are so many opportunities and possibilities now. I just need to gather my thoughts and see what the best plan is. There are so many great podcasts on the Camino de Santiago. Of course, you have Dan Mullins’ own. I was a guest of his in 2017. Then there is Dave Whitson, who I talked to in 2016. Will mine be different? I’m going to talk about what is important to me and put my own mark on it. I can’t see each podcast being more than 30 minutes long and most episodes I will have someone with me, whether they are a pilgrim or they have a connection with the Camino. I hope anyway.

I have started to gather the equipment. If anyone has any suggestions or would like to have a chat, please message me.

Buen Camino

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