The clock can’t keep moving fast enough..

At the start of this Covid crisis, I promised myself I would write more. This hasn’t been going to plan exactly. I have tried and I usually have an idea or two to put into a post each week. This week I have nothing. It’s just a shame I wasn’t in Spain this year – you can only talk about memories for so long. Maybe it is down to watching so much news? So much negativity can get you in a bad place. I know this is not what you want to hear in Camino blog but I’m going to be a little more positive.

Starting now…

A friend of mine is walking into Santiago on Monday after walking from Tomar in Portugal. I’m super excited for him but curious as to how he will be greeted in Santiago. Today, just three pilgrims received a compostela and it has been a while since one from Ireland received a compostela.

Next week, restrictions are being eased here in Ireland, so I can walk outside my 5k zone. I can now walk anywhere inside of Dublin and from the 18th of December, I can walk anywhere in Ireland. The walks I can take now! If I am to walk in Portugal in April, I need to start long walks as it has been a while.

December 16th is my birthday and on the day I usually walk from Dun Laoghaire Harbour to Howth Harbour (photo of walk here). It is close to 24 km and mostly flat and all along the coast. I’m going to doing this for charity and any money raised will be going to Epilepsy Ireland. More of this later.

Clearskies Camino Podcast

The podcast is on pause until after Christmas. I have two episodes I need to edit and those will be uploaded in the coming weeks. I will be back then in the new year. I am looking forward to a new refreshed format. I have always said I am doing the podcast for myself and it depends on time constraints. If you have contacted me in the meantime, I will be in contact after Christmas when life (hopefully) gets back to normal.

6 thoughts on “The clock can’t keep moving fast enough..

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  1. Enjoy your renewed walks. I’ve just finished walking the ‘virtual’ Ring of Kerry but hope to walk it for real sometime in the future. I’ll be glad when the UK gets out of the current tiers so I can continue my coastal walks

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      1. Excellent. I look forward to your posts.
        I love Ireland, my 2nd favourite country in the world and now that I do long distance walking, I’m looking forward to planning some trips. I’d love to go back to Connemara and do some walking there and of course along the west coast

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  2. I didn’t know you were a fellow Sagittarian! Happy early birthday! (I’m the 12th). And jealous you’re getting to go on walks and stuff. I hope the vaccine arrives safely and soon. Looking forward to the new podcasts and whatever writing you have for us!

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