Hello everyone, a quick update.

So where do I begin? I hope you have your coffee in hand?

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Since I last posted, it has been a month of chills, of more lockdown, and of hopes dashed. Turning on the news leads to a bad news story. However, with all that is going on, I have been quietly redesigning this website that I call home. It isn’t entirely finished yet. I have a list the size of my hand yet to complete but I will get there. If all goes well the site will be back to some semblance of normality (on the internet) in a week or so.

As for life in general, we will be waiting for normality for another few months yet. Restrictions mean I am only able to travel with 5 km of my home until March at the earliest. And while I do love my little area, I long to walk on my favourite trails and I look forward to meeting my buddies again. I need to thank PJ for sending me a postcard a few weeks ago. It really lifted the spirits. I want to thank Lisa also for designing the banner at the top of the page. The Camino spirits is alive and well.

The Camino, while still in my heart, is not at the top of the list of things to do this year, however. There are more important things to look forward to. I look forward to no restrictions. I look forward to hugs. I look forward to being able to travel inside of Ireland. All of these things were taken for granted a few years back. The Camino de Santiago in 2022 seems like a good alternative, no matter how much I hate to say it.

So I have been going for my daily walk, and there are some good walks in this neck of the woods. It is important to get out after a day’s work – it does the world of good. Even for half an hour. Sitting in front of a screen for 7 hours while working at home can be detrimental that you need a release.

So as I look out the window and I see the snow falling (although it isn’t very much), I look forward and picture myself putting one foot in front of another on the trails in Spain. It won’t be long.

So how are you keeping during the last few weeks?

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