Checking my packing list..

With a month left before I go, I have been mostly checking my packing list ensuring I have the right kit. I have kept many items from last September’s travels on the meseta but there are a few things that needed replacing. After inspecting my gear, I bought a few items online and I am now waiting for them to arrive.

Firstly, I have replaced my rain trousers. I have these near on 6 years and the mesh inside has ripped so replacement was in order. The Marmot pre-cip pants are well recommended. I await a long sleeve t shirt also. Photos of both are below:

Once I have received both, I can do a full re-check of my pack and see what the weight of my backpack comes in at. What is surprising is that my new Osprey Talon 33 litre is a lower capacity than the pack I carried last September (it was a 35 – 45 litre) and I am able to fit everything so far. I have created a Packing list to download. Let me know if it is helpful to you.

I have a few things to do before I go:

  • Check in my flight, which shouldn’t take too long.
  • Fill In my Passenger Locator Form – which can only be done 4 days before leaving.
  • Get on the flight! (Big delays at Dublin Airport)

Work has managed to keep all us 3 pilgrims busy, and not much walking preparation has been done but I will try and venture out with full pack before I go. I do walk 5 – 10 kilometres most nights but this is mainly on the flat and it hardly prepares me for 280 kilometres on the Camino de Santiago. I am planning to walk to Donabate beach and back to my house (approx 8 kms) once I finish writing this post. It is a handy walk but not challenging. I do worry about our first day as it is to Vila do Conde. How and ever, we will plan around any issues should they arise.

Donabate Beach

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