It’s getting closer…

It’s only 7 months since I was on the Camino last (Camino Francés). I look back fondly on that week however it was organised quickly after a long lay-off from travel. I wish I had longer to walk at the time but it was what it was! This Camino from Porto is very much different in that I walk to Santiago!

There are many things I look forward to about this Portuguese Camino. One is to walk with some people that I know. I do realise that we may not walk at the same speeds, however, we will meet at the end of the evening, share a drink and tell a story. I have walked with my brother on two occasions before and he knows his way around. I must introduce him to the Camino Francés at some stage (I am just thinking outloud here). The third pilgrim Wallace has walked to Santiago before with other pilgrims and I’m really glad to have him along.

The Spanish coast after Oia

I want to get up early and watch the sun rise. It has been a chore to do this for quite some time, but I know this will change when I arrive in Porto as I will get into a different mindset. I will probably be forced to do it by noisy pilgrims (ha!) Also, pilgrims, handy tip – leave the plastic bags at home!

I want to continue journaling after each of my days. I used to get myself into a rhythm up to a few years ago but let it slip. From 2013 to 2017, I wrote pages upon pages in a hardback once I had cleaned my clothes in the albergue. On arriving back in Dublin, I would usually write a post here. A pilgrim needs some alone time to switch off after a long day – writing about their day is a perfect way to note their thoughts. Some pilgrims use video, or voice notes apps on their phone. They are all good.

Writing notes in my albergue in Leon in 2017

I have walked 28km over two days – today and yesterday. I have two weeks left to build up the kilometres before I leave. On Friday, I walked locally around the park, approx 10km and today I walked 18km of the National Famine Way from Maynooth. I will hopefully pick up where I ended on Monday. The great thing about the walk today is it is flat – just like the Camino Portugués. It rests along side the Royal Canal into Dublin and it is so peaceful. I have walked it many times and it is usually my last walk before I head off on a Camino.

And some photos from today’s walk along the National Famine Way.

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