September Walking and Wondering…

Hi folks. It doesn’t feel like I last posted two weeks ago. But there is time again. Yesterday, I volunteered with Camino Society Ireland and while it is getting quiet with departing pilgrims here in Dublin, it may not be quiet on the Camino. I am constantly reminded of life on the Camino via social media. Some of the best walks I have had along the Camino Francés have been in September. You may be one of those people who receive ‘memories’ on Facebook or Instagram. If you are, you may receive reminders of something that happened this day in the past. I am constantly reminded of my walking in Spain while on the Camino in September. In September 2014, I walked from St Jean Pied de Port to Belorado – a short but sweet Camino. In September 2016, I walked to the coast and watched the sun set. In September 2017, I walked the meseta on what would be a very relaxing Camino. The following September would be quite a memorable Camino – walking from Puente la Reina to Burgos with Carsten, and a whole host of Canadians.

Last part of Bray Camino to St James’ Church, Dublin

Since my last post, I walked the second part of the Bray Celtic Camino with Camino Society Ireland from Dun Laoghaire to St James’ Church. The route is approx 16 km and it hugs the Dublin coast until it reaches the Dublin city centre. From there, we walked along the quays and passed historical sites, most notably “The Stein”. I enjoyed the day but it was not the first time I walked this particular pilgrim route. It is definitely one if you are starting out on Camino training, then you can move on to the Boyne Camino which is based in Drogheda, then try the Howth loop walk. I created a video of this day using a GoPro I purchased. I am getting used to it and boy! it is powerful. I would appreciate it if you could subscribe to my channel as there will be more videos in the future. Thanks!

From 2022 to 2023 and a few changes.

Since I returned in May, it hasn’t been all work. I have shifted my focus to next year’s walking and Spain and Portugal. To be honest with you, at the start of this month I considered buying a cheeky flight to Bilbao to walk a few days from Pamplona but I managed to push the urge back for another year. So for 2023, I have 2 Caminos planned:

  • April 2023 – Agueda – ? – Camino Portuguese to Porto and Coastal.
  • August 2023 – Pamplona – Belorado – Camino Francés

You might notice that I am going to give April a try. Yes, for once, I am walking in April and August. May and September Caminos have been a staple of my walking year for quite some time. I wondered to myself what April would be like. I have never really experienced rain before other than one or two days. I wonder if April will be any different. All I can be is prepared. Unlike April, you are not sure what you are getting in August but it will be hot. As a matter of chance, there is a bus from Belorado to Madrid via Burgos (PLM). Cuatro Cantones is a great albergue in Belorado. I have stayed there four times before so I hope there is a bed available when I arrive! Anyhow, this is nearly a year away and I have a Camino Portugués to look forward to first.

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