November’s here and I’m not scared..

I was looking at the calender on Friday and noticed how much of the year had been eaten away. Is it really 2 months to 2023? I remember wishing in the New Year with the tones of Carlos Nuñez in the background. But that was January and today is October 30th. Got to keep on moving on, so they say.

April 2023

I’m trying as much as I can to ignore my next Camino until next year. It’s very tempting to open up Gronze to plan and prepare but I am trying to leave this Camino to as much to chance as I can. There are one or two towns I have my eye on – the great little Fao and of course Oia. Walking from Agueda to Porto will be different to this May and I am looking forward to that experience. In 2019, myself and Carsten had a much quieter time walking from Lisbon. Once I return to Porto, it will be great to return to the coast, the board walks and (assuming there is no rain) the beaches. Of course, I will have more to say on this Camino closer to April but I want to leave it as organic as possible.


Ever since I returned from Santiago in May, there have been a few things that I needed to replace in my kit. One of those things was my walking trousers which now bear a large rip on the inside leg. Well, now you can tick that off with a large felt tip pen as I located the below from Decathlon. Now I generally wouldn’t buy gear from Decathlon, preferring to shop at The Great Outdoors or Cotswolds however, it is a good price. On the upside, they are lightweight and quickdry – on the downside, there are no zip-offs, but I can get over that.

Meet other pilgrims in the Clearskies Camino Facebook group: – Here

Preparation Walks & Picking up information

Most of my readers will know that I volunteer with Camino Society Ireland here in Dublin. Being a member of a Camino association means you get to meet pilgrims before or after a Camino and get information from people who have been there. I find speaking to someone is better than reading forums. Maybe I am wrong?

Camino Society Ireland held a walk on Saturday in Lough Boora Discovery Park in Co Offaly. I always enjoy my time there as it is perfect Camino preparation. I’ll be honest – I haven’t walked a great distance since September so I finished up the day with a pressure blister on my large toe.

Check out my short video from the day taken from my GoPro purchased recently. I am getting used to it, so the quality of the videos will be improving. There is another walk in a few weeks time, so let’s see how that goes. I will post about that when I finish up! If you did enjoy that video, I would appreciate it if you could subscribe to my channel here as there will be more videos coming soon.

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