2022 – 2023

Happy New Year to all my readers. I hope 2023 is filled with happiness and your wishes come true.

Thank you for reading throughout the year and I hope you tag along on my adventures in 2023. I have a lot in mind with trips to Spain and Portugal planned.

For this post, I generally like to review how the previous year went and talk about how I would like the next year to go. So let’s start with the last year.


I must admit I was a poor writer last year and I do apologise for that. One of my new year’s resolutions will be to write more for you and to keep you updated. I started the year looking forward to a Camino walking from Porto – initially with my brother. I was delighted to be joined by a friend, Wallace and the three of us would walk to Santiago in May 2022. You can read about this Camino here. I have yet to complete writing this Camino but I will get there.

2022 saw over 438,000 compostelas being issued by the pilgrim office in Santiago – 90,000 more than 2019 (source). All records have been broken since the last Holy Year. With the end of 2022 Holy Year, I wonder how many pilgrims will receive a compostela in 2023. I was happy to receive one but as I move on in life, I realise a compostela is not essential. I value the sellos in my pilgrim passport more.

I was happy to volunteer for Camino Society Ireland for another year. It was great to see greater number of pilgrims back in our centre in Dublin looking for information as they prepare for the Caminos. The Irish make up a sizeable percentage of the total number of foreign pilgrims and our pilgrim passport is something I carry with me on every Camino.

2022 saw me purchase a GoPro 10 – and I will use it for videos on walks on the Camino or here in Ireland. I have some videos uploaded on my channel and I would love you to subscribe here. I would typically upload a video every month so expect something in the next few weeks.


With two trips to Spain and Portugal planned for 2023, you can be sure there will be activity on this blog. I’m really looking forward to the first trip in April – so there will be practice walks coming up soon.

Do subscribe on Facebook or Instagram if you want to want to learn a little more about these Caminos. I will be following up shortly with a post about the April Camino and some transport nformation.

The second Camino is very much up in the air but I do know where I am starting from – Pamplona. More on that later.

So until my next post, let me know if you have a Camino planned for 2023!

Buen Camino!

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