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Seven days..siete dias!!!

Not long now before I fly out. I have been counting down the days for the last month, everyday looking at maps and talking to people who have been there. Alot of my previous posts have been “Camino” related so maybe it’s time I talk about something else. Maybe when I get back!..

I “think” I have everything bought. I have challenged myself to carry no more than 10kg and with me being short in stature, that “may” be a bit too much. Here’s a list of what I am bringing. I am probably the least organised person known, but this just needed to be done!


2 pairs of shorts / zipped pants
2 pairs of short-sleeve shirts
1 long sleeve lightweight fleece shirt / jacket
1 pair of  boots
Rain poncho
Sun hat
Flip flops / sandals
Lightweight sleeping bag

Cloth tape for blisters

Underarm deodorant
Soap – all purpose
Toothpaste (travel-size)
Wash cloth / Lightweight towel

Pilgrims credentials
Credit card
ATM card

Safety pins
Pen knife with scissors
Pain killers / antihistamine / anti-diarrhea medication

This is just over 10kg. The plan wasn’t to go over the top but I believe I have. Ah well. Sure I know for next time 🙂

The big deal for me would not be the walking, but the commute. In order to get to Leon,  I get 2 metros across the city (at €3, take note Leo) , arrive at Chamartin Train Station and travel for 2 hours by train. I arrive in Leon just after 11pm. I’ll be fecked!

Let’s see how things go, and if I don’t manage to post updates here, consider me lost in Spain!


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