A different way of taking notes..

I have a bad memory.

No really, it is poor…

Luckily enough I have this blog to remind me of the last few summers in Spain. They have been interesting and here’s to many more in the future, not only in Spain but further afield. But I am going to record my upcoming Camino a little differently. I blogged to this site from my iPhone during the two weeks which proved difficult as a) the wi-fi was very poor and b) my fingers weren’t up for typing after 25km+ days. So I am going back to basics…to good ol’ pen and paper. It’s been a while since I have actually written with a pen but I will give it a go. That means I won’t be updating this blog on a daily basis while I am over there..but I will when I get home to Dublin. I won’t give up the tweeting though……you can follow me on @spain_dave.

Written by Clearskies Camino