Another person on Camino trail..

I’ve 2 weeks left before I fly out…
Yep, 2 weeks! The time is flying by and I have less and less time to get packed, organised and on the plane. I have only managed to find my rucksack, and I have no idea what should go into a blister kit. I’m sure everything will fall into place in the end though.
But help is at hand in the form of various forums and YouTube videos.
One set of videos I have stumbled across during my daily browse on YouTube is from a chap living in Madrid who is walking two Caminos in one; The Camino del Norte and the French Way..over 1000km. Mad eh? At the time of writing he is in or around Leon, where I plan to finish up in June.
So if you are looking at something to watch that is Camino-related, I would recommend clicking the video. Luke has over 20 videos there and they are pretty enjoyable.

His channel is here:

Written by Clearskies Camino